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Hello, I’m Nichola, welcome to my blog! Revolutionize your approach to nutrition and live kindly.

It sounds like a cliche. Perhaps it is… Both my blog and small business percolated from an early age in our family kitchen.

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Ingredients, food experiments, recipes and family banter permeated our home. My mom instilled confidence in me and offered consistent technical acumen to help make food and share it with my family. My late Dad Morgan was also an excellent cook and chef at Durban’s Greyville Racecourse. So I guess the family chemistry and blueprint inspired me and egged my aspirations.

I have blogged about food for over a year . And run a small enterprise for the same amount of time. Happy Tummy Diaries started out as a food blog crafted from personal convictions and experiences, a love for cooking and physical illness. I am prone to bloating, a source of discomfort. This led me to explore the tried and tested phenomena of fermented foods  and it’s healing and restorative effects on one’s physical condition. I always believed that a person’s daily food choices directly impact one’s health, physical condition, sense of well-being and emotional prowess.

As I explored my interest in good nutrition to resolve my own afflictions, a friend introduced me to milk kefir, a drinkable yoghurt but with more benefits and probiotics than regular yoghurt. I bought milk kefir a few times, but it was getting expensive, so I decided to make it myself. I bought some kefir grains from my favourite health store and began to make my own milk kefir. It magically transformed my life, it was an aberration.

I became aware that in life there are certain esoteric and sliding door moments that could fast track one’s journey to a calling, written in the stars. And there were signals  along the way. My husband Vince had a conversation with his boss one day, and mentioned to him that I make milk kefir, strangely enough, it became apparent that Vince’s boss drank milk kefir religiously. He just did not have the time to make it anymore, so he asked if I could make it for him on a weekly basis.

My humble little business started to take off. I experimented with other fermented foods like water kefir, kombucha, kimchi and beet kvass. I then experimented with vegan foods, such as butter, cheeses, condiments, organic black bean burgers, gluten-free seeded crackers and so forth. My appetite for the unknown and confidence began to grow.

My psyche and my being is now devoted to a sustainable business that embraces a more plant-based diet. One that nourishes the body  without  the fear of losing the joy of eating and the soul satisfaction that goes with happy eating.

One’s body has the utmost wisdom to search for a higher calling. How many times does an inner voice shout to what the body needs?

I have been a vegetarian for over a  year now. Giving up meat has been life changing, truth be told. Coupled with my love for animals, I am embracing my personal mantra to “live kindly.”

I also enjoy the love and support of a tight-knit family. I live in Verulam with my husband Vince, our three -year old daughter Kayra and my mom Babs.

Like a dogged and hard-working entrepreneur, my home is my office. I try to source most of my plant-based ingredients from organic sources and I use biodegradable packaging.

My craft speaks to an authentic and truthful vegan blueprint. I now supply to health food stores. My key products are vegan butter, cream cheese, water kefir, milk kefir, kombucha.

My resolution for 2020 is to transition to a vegan life, to an, even more, healthier life, my love for all sentient beings and to support veganism!

Practicing Buddhism has ultimately led to my spiritual path and enlightenment!

Om Mani Padme Hum🙏

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