Korean Barley Tea (Boricha)

Do you like tea? I most definitely do!

Detoxify your body naturally!

The smokey aroma of a fresh brew of barley tea not only calms the mind and takes all your worries away , but it also has amazing healing properties. A beloved drink from Korea, made from an infusion of roasted barley in water. You can reap the benefits of this tea as a hot or cold beverage. The roasted barley gives the tea a nutty, earthy flavour with slightly bitter undertones. Boricha is offcourse, naturally caffeine -free.

You can add a squeeze of lime, add herbs or even bung in citrus fruits such as oranges or berries to make it flavourful. These fresh flavours are best enjoyed without any sugar, a hint of honey perhaps? This soothing tea doubles up as herbal medicine, rich in antioxidants, high in fiber, vitamins and minerals which protects the body against cell damage. It increases Qi, reduce stress, promotes blood cirulation, hydrates the skin, cleansing, cooling and uplifting.

Brewing Guide: Take 2 teaspoons of Boricha for every 250ml of water. Steep in hot water at 90°C for 1 minute. Suitable for multiple infusions.

Tip: Add ginger to treat bladder infections.

You can purchase Barley tea from your local Asian SuperMarket. Please note that if you are sensitive to gluten, have an allergy to cereal grains or celiac disease, you may avoid using any product with barley.

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