Infused Water For Weight Loss

Infused Water For Weight Loss

Sip All Day: Delicious And Super Hydrating Indulgence!

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What is Infused Water?

Also known as Detox water , fruit flavoured or fruit infused water, infused water is basically a combination of fruits, vegetables and fresh herbs submerged in cold water. Infused water is full of flavour and has no calories, making it the ultimate weight loss tool and achieve better health and well-being.

Benefits Of Infused Water

  • Uplift your mood
  • Flushes toxins out of the body
  • Keeps you full, so you don’t eat more junk food
  • Naturally assists body in releasing fat cells for water weight loss
  • Helps food move through your system
  • Helps keep organs healthy while you sweat
  • Reduces muscle fatigue when exercising
  • Assists in quick recovery from a workout
  • Helps keep you from feeling sleepy in the afternoon


Water and weight loss go side by side. Consuming water to lose weight  and gain a healthier you is most definitely one of the easiest habits you can instil!


Drinking Water For Weight Loss

Studies show that drinking flavoured water aids weight loss and assists in long term weight loss maintenance. By drinking water, it increases the total calories you burn by as much as 24-30% within ten minutes of consuming water and this water weight loss boost can last for as long as sixty minutes!


How To Make Fruit Infused Detox Water?

There are many ways to make detox water, I used strawberries, lemon and mint. Strawberries have a unique flavour and can be paired with any fruit or vegetable and still taste good.

Tips For Making Strawberry Detox Water

  • You can get about 2-4 fill-ups from the first batch of ingredients , but you can change them sooner if you prefer a  much potent flavour.
  • The longer the water stands, the more potent the flavour. It’s mild tasting at first but after a couple of hours or if left  overnight in the fridge, it can become quite strong tasting.
  • Strawberries must be washed, de-stemmed and sliced to infuse in water.


Strawberry Lemon Water Recipe


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For this delicious Strawberry Lemon Water recipe, you will need a half-gallon jar  or pitcher or even a water bottle, glass is always best to use! Layer with strawberries, lemon slices and ice cubes,  add a sprig of mint or two, very refreshing!

Fill your  jar, pitcher or bottle with water. Let it sit for ten minutes and simply enjoy!

Strawberry Lemon Water Ingredients:

1 cup fresh strawberries (Sliced)

2 Lemons or you could use Lime (Sliced or quartered)

Sprigs of Mint ( I sometimes use fresh Sage)


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