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Why is Kefir good for you?

It is trending in the natural health circles. Kefir is rich with nutrients and probiotics, super beneficial for gut health and digestion. Dairy free options of kefir can be made from coconut water, coconut milk, as well as other sweet liquids but will not have the same benefits as that of dairy milk kefir. It is rich in protein, B vitamins and calcium.

Yoghurt is known as a probiotic food in the West, but kefir is a more potent source. Kefir is also lower in lactose than milk, as it turns the lactose into lactic acid. it contains special enzymes which assist in breaking down the lactose even further.

Loafers Low Carb Super Store in Durban North stocks my Kefir yoghurt , why not try some and let me know what you think?

Enjoy the benefits of homemade Kefir !

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