Nourishing Red Dates Tea With Goji Berries

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Chinese red date (jujube) is quite popular in Chinese cuisine. It is used as  a health tonic as well as traditional herb which is believed to improve qi (energy) and blood for the body. Unfortunately, the Western world does not know much about the health benefits of red dates, as it strengthens the spleen and stomach qi (energy) which assists in digesting food, tonify blood and is relaxing for the mind. When you have good qi, it is a reflection of healthy skin and rosy cheeks, a natural blusher!

Drinking red dates tea regularly, not only improves energy but also keeps your body warmer in the winter months. Dried ingredients are used  for this recipe  which can be found at any local Asian supermarket.

Sometimes, I like to add ginger slices. Once the dates are boiled, simply enjoy and sip this drink throughout the day. I usually blend my concoction, drink the fibre too, it just makes the tea more flavourful.

This is a super simple tea with no tea leaves, which can be enjoyed all year round.


7 red dates

1 tbsp. goji berries

500ml water


  1. You will need to remove seeds from dates
  2. Add ingredients to a  pot, then add freshly boiled water
  3. Switch to a low flame and simmer for about 30 minutes
  4. Tea is now ready, strain the ingredients if you wish and enjoy!
  5. You can also blend ingredients if you prefer and drink the fibre from the dates and goji berries

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